1988 -1990 Mr. Levine was an associate at the downtown Toronto firm of Garfinkle Biderman, where he primarily practiced real estate litigation.  During that time, Mr. Levine realized that his ambition to develop an administrative law practice would best be achieved by opening his own Toronto law firm.

1990 – Mr. Levine entered into the areas of refugee law, immigration law and family law, while continuing his litigation practice.

1993 – After several years of successful independent practice, Mr. Levine was no longer able to handle the growing workload without the assistance of an additional lawyer.  Ms. Coulthard, a recent graduate at the time, joined Mr. Levine to form Levine Associates.  2013 marked 20th anniversary of their association.

1996 – Ms. Girgis, who has been practicing Family law in Toronto since 1993, learned that Levine Associates was a firm where she would be able to achieve a balanced lifestyle with reasonable work hours that left time for raising a family and community service.  Ms. Girgis has now been with the firm for 17 years working exclusively in the areas of family law, divorce law and custody law.

2010 – present – Over the course of the past several years, Levine Associates has seen unprecedented client growth.  In order to ensure client wait times are kept to a minimum and to maintain the high quality of service our clients have come to expect, Levine Associates has embarked on an expansion which includes three new lawyers, doubling the size of the firm to six practicing lawyers.  Despite this growth, Levine Associates remains a boutique immigration, litigation and family law firm, and is more able than ever to continue providing fine quality workmanship that our clients have enjoyed for more than 20 years.

Please note: There is no solicitor-client privilege attached to this communication.  Sending an e-mail to Levine Associates will not make us your lawyers.  You will not be considered a client of the firm until we have agreed to act for you in accordance with our usual policies for accepting clients.  Unless you are a current client of Levine Associates, please do not include any confidential information in your e-mail, because no information you send us can be held in confidence, and no information we provide to you can be treated by you as legal advice, unless and until we have agreed to act for you.  There is no solicitor-client privilege attached to this communication.