Levine Associates is a boutique law firm that has established itself in the areas of immigration law, refugee law, family law and civil litigation.  Our lawyers draw on over seventy years of combined experience to provide clear and practical legal advice to our clients.

  • Each area of law and the specific service we are retained for  involves a process crafted specifically to meet the needs of the client and the service involved.

  • In all cases, clients establish an initial communication with the lawyer of their choice and the parties determine what the client’s specific needs are and develop a plan of action to meet those needs.

  • Levine Associates provide clients with an estimated timeline related to the service provided. We will monitor the case and provide clients with regular status reports.

  • We do our best to avoid surprises by being frank with clients about all relevant issues and pitfalls to ensure the best possible preparation and result.

  • Retainer agreements are entered into, which sets out in detail what services we are retained to provide and pricing.  In doing so we ensure both lawyer and client are clear about what work will be undertaken and the associated costs.