Our civil litigation practice is headed by Lev Abramovich and Jayson Thomas. We are focused on providing clients with exceptional service emphasizing our personal, result oriented approach.  Our lawyers are not pressured by meeting billable targets and instead always have your best interests as their primary concern.

Our civil litigation practice is focused on the following areas:

  • Contractual disputes;
  • Employment litigation;
  • Shareholder and Partnership disputes;
  • Debt Enforcement;
  • Judicial reviews;
  • Commercial lease disputes.

We offer a combination of experience and a flexible fee schedule.  Some of our recent work includes:

  • Representing a Toronto based corporation with respect to violations of the National Do Not Call list.
    Negotiated an agreement which substantively reduced our client’s present and future liability.
  • Obtaining a judgment on behalf of a Toronto based, high-end car dealership against car wholesaler
  • Proceeded to obtain a judgment at the Superior Court of Justice on an urgent motion, registering a writ of execution and obtaining payment within several weeks, including coverage of our client’s legal fees.
  • Avoiding costly and prolonged litigation stemming from a tender dispute.  Successfully negotiating a favourable settlement on behalf of a Toronto based construction company.
  • Assisting a landlord in terminating a commercial lease by bringing an application to the Superior Court of Justice under Part III of the Commercial Tenancies Act.

Levine Associates provides clients with a “hands on” practical approach to litigation.  Our primary goal is to achieve the best possible result for our client’s specific needs.  Litigation is not only expensive but time consuming.  Our foremost objective is speedy dispute resolution with the best possible outcome for our client.  We try our best to avoid litigation but not at any cost.  If we cannot fairly resolve a dispute through negotiation we will not hesitate to vigorously pursue our client’s remedies in court.  We understand our client’s business and tailor our litigation to the specific goals our clients seek to achieve.  We have this approach because we want your business today and tomorrow.  Feel free to contact Lev at lev@levlaw.com regarding any civil litigation inquiries.

Please note: There is no solicitor-client privilege attached to this communication.  Sending an e-mail to Levine Associates will not make us your lawyers.  You will not be considered a client of the firm until we have agreed to act for you in accordance with our usual policies for accepting clients.  Unless you are a current client of Levine Associates, please do not include any confidential information in your e-mail, because no information you send us can be held in confidence, and no information we provide to you can be treated by you as legal advice, unless and until we have agreed to act for you.  There is no solicitor-client privilege attached to this communication.