The costs associated with processing various applications have changed over time so it is always best to check CIC’s he most current fee schedule.

Presently a typical PR application would generally cost $550  for the principal applicant.  If the applicant was including a spouse there would be an additional cost of $475.00.  Any unmarried children under the age of 22 would cost an additional $150.00 per child.

All the fees noted above are payable upon submission of the application and are generally not refundable.

In the event the application is accepted you will be required to pay a one time Right of Permanent Resident Fee in the amount of $490.00.  This fee is to be paid by the principal applicant and accompanying spouse.  Dependent children of the principal applicant are exempted and do not have to pay the fee.  Some others are exempted including protected persons including Convention Refugees.

Total Fees on Typical Application for family of 3

Principal Applicant – $550.00

Accompaning Spouse – $475.00

Dependent Child – $150.00


Right of Permanent Resident Fee

Principal Applicant – $490.00

Accompanying Spouse – $490.00


Total fees on successful application $2155.00

Please note that the fees noted above are only fees payable to Immigration and not including lawyer fees.  The fees quoted above are subject to change by Immigration and are only intended to provide a typical scenario.  Immigration Fees can be more or less depending on the circumstances of each file.