BOC – Basis of claim (form)

BSO – Canada Border Services Officer

CAIPS – Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (used by Immigration to record overseas application information)

CBSA – Canadian Border Services Agency

CG – Constituent Groups (used in context of working under the authority of SAH’s)

CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CIO – Centralized Intake Office

CLB – Canadian Language Benchmark

CPO-W – Centralized Processing Office in Winnipeg – used for Refugees Abroad

FN – Foreign National

FOSS – Field Operated Support System

H&C – Humanitarian and Compassionate (used to refer to s.25 Humanitarian and Compassionate applications)

HRSDC – Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (the agency responsible for Labour Market Opinions for temporary employment visas and skilled worker applications)

IRB – Immigration and Refugee Board

IRPA – Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

IRPR – Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

IAD – Immigration Appeal Division

LMO – Labour Market Opinions

NOC – National Occupation Classification (standardized system for job classification used by Immigration to assess worker qualifications)

ROE – Record of Examination

PGWPP –  Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

POE – Port of Entry

PIF – Personal Information Form

RPD – Refugee Protection Division

SAH – Sponsorship Agreement Holders (used in context of refugee sponsorship’s abroad)

TSR – Temporary Suspension of Removals – pursuant to s.230(1) of the IMRP Regulations

TRV – Temporary Resident Visa

UPP – Urgent Protection Program

VAC- Visa Application Centre




Implied status – where a FN applies to extend a visa prior to its expiration the applicant remains in status with “implied status” until Immigration makes a decision




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