The Canadian Federal Government has created a framework through which the Canadian Provinces and Territories are able to nominate individuals for permanent residency. Such framework is refereed to as Provincial Nomination Programs. Individual who are nominated for permanent residency by a program, receive a certificate of nomination which is then used as a part of their application for permanent residency which is processed at the Federal level. It is important to note that receiving a provincial nomination does not in itself guarantee that the individual will obtain Canadian permanent residency.  Immigration Officers evaluate permanent residency applications submitted with a provincial nomination based number of criteria including the individual’s to ability to become economically established in Canada. Provincial nominees must also be admissible to Canada.
Provincial Nomination Programs are typically divided into several main categories including:

1. Business and Investor Stream;

2. Employer Driven Stream;

3. Student Stream (Discussed in the Student Visa Section).

Below you will find an overview of the options available for Investor as well as provincial nominations based on employment. Please note that Provincial Nomination Programs offer a myriad of opportunities and require a careful analysis in order to select the right program in each individual case. Contact our office in order to discuss Provincial Nomination Programs in more detail.


Canada has used the enticement of permanent residence as a means of attracting foreign investors to Canada for more than 20 years. Investors are attracted to Canada for a variety of reasons including its enormous potential, extremely reliable business environment, safe cities and mobility as a result of various trade agreements including the North American Free Trade Agreement, numerous Bilateral Investment Treaties and Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements.

Levine Associates provides legal advice, support and assistance to Investors who choose to make Canada their home through a Foreign Investments program. Levine Associates can provide assistance every step of the way for Investors and their families.

Canada Immigration facilitates Immigration to Canada through Investments in Canada using both Federal Investor programs and Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), launched by various provincial and territorial governments. The Federal Investor program is presently under review and unavailable. However provincial investor programs remain open and can be an excellent option for investors seeking to make Canada their home.

Acquisition of Permanent Resident status under the PNP is a two-step process under both provincial and territorial jurisdictions. Levine Associates completes the first step by receiving an appropriate certificate from a provincial government entitling a Nominee to apply for Permanent Resident Status at the federal level. The second step is completed when the federal government grants Permanent Residency to the Nominee.

Each province/territory sets up its own requirements commensurate with its own local needs. Accordingly the amount of investment required and other details vary from province to province. For example, the Provincial Nominee Programs for Saskatchewan and Quebec welcome Investors with investment targets of $150,000 to $400,000 respectively. Ontario, which is the most desired host for Direct Investment, requires a $3,000,000 investment plus active participation by the investor in managing the business.
Typical investment projects are focused on mid-sized businesses and may involve both cooperation with existing businesses and launching brand new projects with approved business-plans.

Some of the most popular projects among mid-size Investors are the following:

1) Supermarkets, malls and plazas in the Greater Toronto Area, suitable for investors with various levels of experience which allow for the opening of a franchise supermarket
2) Investing in Rental Apartments Buildings within the Greater Toronto Area
3) Car rental businesses in Greater Toronto Area
4) Northern Ontario farmland, suitable for investors with experience in farming and food processing
5) Various production and manufacturing businesses in the GTA
6) Investing in mid-size service industry (5 employees and up)
7) Private Kindergartens and Elementary Schools in the GTA

Levine Associates would be happy to take you through the entire process and select a program best suited for your needs depending on investment type, amount, number of nominees and other relevant factors. Please contact Levine Associates up-to-date information on recent changes in provincial policies and regulations. We are also happy to inform you once the Federal Investor-Immigrant Program re-opens for new investors.

Employment Based Nominations

Most provinces divide the Employment based stream into high and low skilled employment. While the balance of our discussion will focus on high skilled work, feel free to contact about low skilled employment options such as trucking or work in the hospitality industry.

The employment based stream can be available both to individual working in Canada pursuant a work permit or individuals who have received a job offer from an eligible Canadian employer.

Before an employer can participate in the Provincial nomination program, it must meet certain evaluation criteria. Typically the employer has to be an active corporation carrying business for a certain number of year with a certain level of minimal revenue. Each Province has a specific criteria that employers must meet. We work with employers in order to determine their eligibility and participate in the successful recruitment or retention of foreign workers.

Individuals to qualify for Provincial nomination based on their work experience, education, age and language ability. Since this discussion is intended as an overview of the process we will not be addressing the specific requirements presented by each province. Feel free to contact us to discuss Provincial Nomination Programs in more detail.