Over the past number of years Canada has moved toward an immigration system which rewards international students with the opportunity to turn their diplomas into full permanent resident status.  Once a foreign student has completed a qualifying educational degree the student is eligible for a post-graduate work permit.  Post-graduate work permits are open permits which allow students to work anywhere in Canada without hindrance like any other Canadian seeking employment in Canada.  Students choosing the right area of study and employment qualify for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) applications and can acquire permanent residence in Canada upon completion of one year of full time work on a Post-Graduate Work Permit.

At Levine Associates, we take clients through the entire process from selecting the right institution, preparing the student visa and admission applications, applying for a post-graduate work permit upon graduation and connecting clients with leading recruiting companies.  We at Levine Associates help you create a solid foundation upon which to build  your future in Canada.

The Process

The process of acquiring permanent residence through a student visa requires three steps.  Levine Associates offers professional services which can cover all or any part of the process from the initial enrollment in an educational program of the client’s choice right up to the acquisition of permanent residency after one year of qualifying employment.

1. Student Visa

The first step involves assessing a candidate’s background and credentials in order to determine first whether the student is eligible for post secondary education and then second to locate a program which will best serve our client’s interests.  Levine Associates will review official accreditation of previous degrees, preparation and completion of the enrollment application package(s) and assistance with language testing and/or exemption.

When a Letter of Acceptance from a selected educational institution is received, Levine Associates completes the application to obtain a Study Permit and Entry Visa (if applicable).

Upon completion of 4 month of studies, we can complete an application for an off-campus work permit for students, authorizing work up to 20 hours per week.

2. Post Graduate Work Permits

Upon successful completion of the selected educational program, Levine Associates assists clients with applications for post-graduate work permits, which authorize recent graduates to work in Canada with any employer for a period of time, equal to the duration of completed program of study.

Due to the open nature of the work permit post graduate students may gain employment in any occupation.  However, only a specific set of occupations are eligible for eventual permanent resident applications.  Levine Associates assists students with the task of determining which kind of employment will qualify for eventual permanent residence applications.

3. Canadian Experience Class / Provincial Nominations

When clients accumulate one year of eligible Canadian work experience, Levine Associates completes the final step of completing the permanent resident application under the Canadian Experience Class program and/or various provincial nomination programs, depending on which program is most suited to the client.

While the student program may be considered a long term plan for the attainment of permanent resident status, in fact, under the present regulations, it is possible for a person to gain permanent resident status within 3 years of the person’s arrival in Canada.  When one weights this timeline against other applications methods, studies in Canada leading to permanent resident status is a very reasonable alternative that comes with a much more certain result.

Complex and Foreign Environment

Levine Associates recognizes that foreign students coming to Canada are often faced with a variety of challenges.  Some students may be traveling abroad for the first time.  Others may be faced with their first significant separation from family and friends.  Simple tasks like opening bank accounts or finding accommodation can seem daunting to the young men and women embarking on these new life paths.  Levine Associates work hard to make the transition smooth ensuring that students aren’t left to worry about their immigration status or other technical matters.   We find the fewer extraneous issues students have to cope with the more likely they are to succeed in their studies.  Graduating is after all the first piece of the immigration puzzle.