Ottawa, June 20, 2012 — Canada’s plan to welcome up to 500 more Bhutanese refugees was unveiled today by Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, as World Refugee Day is celebrated around the world.

“In May 2007, the government committed to resettling up to 5,000 Bhutanese refugees who had been living for nearly two decades in refugee camps,” said Minister Kenney. “I’m pleased to announce that Canada will welcome up to 500 more Bhutanese refugees who have family connections in Canada.”

Bhutanese refugees have been living in several United Nations-run refugee camps in eastern Nepal since the early 1990s. As part of Canada’s commitment to working with the international community to find long-term solutions for these refugees, Canada agreed to resettle up to 5,000 Bhutanese.

As of October 2011, Canada had selected all 5,000 refugees − nearly 4,500 of whom have already arrived in Canada. The remainder, plus the additional 500, are expected to arrive throughout 2012.

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