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For more than 30 years, Levine Associates has been helping people with their immigration law, refugee law and family law needs.

As a boutique law firm in Toronto dealing exclusively in the areas of immigration and refugee law Levine Associates has garnered the experience and expertise to handle the most complex of cases.

Our firm is committed to providing clients with the highest calibre of personal service unmatched by larger firms.  We take pride not only in the results that we achieve on behalf of our clients, but also in the lasting relationships built along the way.

The founding philosophy to practise professionally, ethically and effectively remains as true today as the first day the firm opened its doors more than 30 years ago.

“Experienced, Smart and Practical Lawyers on Your Side.”

1988 -1990 Mr. Levine was an associate at the downtown Toronto firm of Garfinkle Biderman, where he primarily practiced real estate litigation.  During that time, Mr. Levine realized that his ambition to develop an administrative law practice would best be achieved by opening his own Toronto law firm.

1990 – Mr. Levine entered into the areas of refugee law, immigration law and family law, while continuing his litigation practice.

1993 – After several years of successful independent practice, Mr. Levine was no longer able to handle the growing workload without the assistance of an additional lawyer.  Ms. Coulthard, a recent graduate at the time, joined Mr. Levine to form Levine Associates.  2018 marked the 25th anniversary of their association.

1996 – Ms. Girgis, who has been practicing Family law in Toronto since 1993, learned that Levine Associates was a firm where she would be able to achieve a balanced lifestyle with reasonable work hours that left time for raising a family and community service.  Ms. Girgis has now been with the firm for 26 years working exclusively in the areas of family law, divorce law and custody law.  Ms. Girgis also speaks fluent Arabic.

2012 – Lev Abramovitch joined the firm in 2012 and has been practising in the areas of immigration, refugee law and civil litigation.  Though Mr. Abramovitch is no longer the youngest member of the firm he has brought a fresh energy and perspective ensuring that the firm remains relevant  into the 2020s.  Mr. Abramovitch is also fluent in Russian.

2016 – Olha Senyshyn is the newest member of the firm.  Prior to her graduation from Osgoode Hall, Ms. Senyshyn practised corporate law in Kyiv, Ukraine for 5 years.  Since joining Levine Associates Olha has concentrated mainly on family and immigration law.

present – The onset of COVID resulted in dramatic changes both socially and for the law firm.  After three decades of practice, the firm went virtual during the pandemic with Mr. Levine making the decision to move gradually towards retirement, taking on only a very limited number of cases.  Lev Abramovich opened his own firm in 2021 and the remaining members of the firm continue to practice elsewhere.

Why Choose Us

There are three main reasons clients tell us they choose Levine Associates as their law firm.
Prompt and personal service

The most important reason cited for choosing Levine Associates is our prompt service.  When a client contacts our office for a consultation regarding immigration law, refugee law or family law for issues such as divorce or custody law, family law applications or to attend Court on their behalf, they want a quick and concise response.  We are a small firm based in Toronto, Ontario, and this facilitates both quick response times and direct relationships between lawyer and client.  We maintain our high level of service by expanding to meet our growing case load.  Our firm employs the latest technology to include email, live online communication, data calling and teleconferencing for those unable to attend at our offices in downtown Toronto.


Clients like the stability they get with Levine Associates.  Our firm has been in business for more than 30 years and our lawyers have more than 90 years of combined immigration law, refugee law and family law experience.


Levine Associates is results oriented and our fees are fair and correspond to the services and expertise delivered.

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